Infant photo shoot - ideas for capturing the baby by yourself

Infant photography tips

Baby Photo shoot. Infant Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Infant photo shoot is one of the first things parents think about when a baby is born. It’s a wonderful event and hands reach for the camera. And that’s great, because your baby is going to grow and change so quickly, so it’s best to photograph him or her as often as possible. But after a couple of weeks, parents realise that many of the infant’s photos look alike. Is it possible to get a variety of photos? Let’s find out.

Infant photo shoot - remember about safety

The main thing to remember when photographing your own baby is that it can be unsafe to try to reproduce the ideas you see in pictures taken by professional photographers. Infant photographers are trained to ensure that difficult poses are safe for your baby. Also, in many pictures, the infant is protected by an assistant, whose hands are then removed from the picture during post-processing. With all this in mind, it is best to forego complicated posing. Only go for the simplest poses that you are sure of. However, even by using them, the pictures can be varied.

Infant photo shoot in Tallinn
Infant photo shoot in Tallinn

Infant photo session - a few ideas for it

Photograph your infant with mum and dad, siblings. Include grandparents in the picture. Occasionally ask a friend to take a picture of the whole family; photos like these are especially valuable.

Do you have pets who are in contact with the baby? Take photos with them too - it’s very interesting.

Take photos of important moments in the life of an infant - feeding, bathing, walking. All of these moments deserve a place in the first photo album.

Use toys. It is clear that if a baby was presented a teddy bear at birth, he will not play with it soon. But take a picture of him with the gift is really worth it - it will add pictures of the desired variety.

The less clothes your infant is wearing during the photo shoot, the better. But that doesn’t stop you from photographing your infant in pretty little outfits and bodysuits. Are you good at making handicrafts? Then you can make a headband or hat to match the outfit or, if you don’t have time, ask a grandmother for help.

Use seasonal attributes in the pictures. For example, bright autumn leaves or infant-safe Christmas decorations. This will add a special twist to your pictures.