Newborn photo session - safety in every detail

Safe newborn photo session

Newborn Photo session. Newborn Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Newborn photo session can be a stressful experience for new parents, as mums and dads need to make sure the photo session is safe for their little one.

Newborn photo session: Important details for a safe photo shoot

  1. No contact with a huge number of people - as your baby’s immune system doesn’t need such a burden. For this reason, many parents opt for a home photo session for their newborn baby, but it can also be done at the studio. Don’t believe that? Come and visit my cosy studio right away. Only a baby, his family and a photographer are there at the moment of shooting.
  2. Cleanliness. Absolute and perfect cleanliness in the studio is the key to a safe newborn photo session. In order to achieve this, I do wet cleaning before each photo shoot, and I wash all the props used for the photo session after its finishing.
  3. Comfortable temperature and lighting. The most important thing in a newborn photo shoot is the comfort of the little model. To make the baby sleep well it is very warm in the studio. In the cold off-season I use an extra heater, so parents often find it hot in the studio. But the babies strongly disagree - they sleep just fine at this temperature. I use a variety of professional equipment for the lighting, which doesn’t harm the baby’s eyes, even if I’m doing portraits of a non-sleeping baby.
  4. Only safe poses. All of the poses I use to photograph newborns are absolutely safe for the baby. If I think that your child is in any way at risk I either ask the parents for support or I just change the pose.
Newborn photo session
Newborn photo session

It is not difficult to safely take a picture of a newborn if you have all the details of the upcoming photo session in mind. There is no need to fear that the baby could be harmed in any way - the professionalism of a newborn photographer is just that: to make the newborn photo session completely safe and comfortable for the little model.