Newborn photo shoots - you have to prepare in advance

When to start looking for a newborn photographer

Newborn Photo shoot. Newborn Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Newborn photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular in our country. For many parents, along with packing things for the maternity hospital, buying baby clothes and other things to do before the baby is born, “finding a newborn photographer” is an important point on the “list of things to do before the baby is born”.

Newborn photographer: when to start looking?

The correct answer to this question is “the sooner the better”. Around the second trimester of pregnancy, when toxicosis passes and the mother-to-be gets used to her new status, it is possible and even necessary to look for a newborn photographer without haste and fuss. At this time, you can quietly review the portfolio, choosing a few newborn photographers whose work you like best. Don’t forget to ask your friends to recommend professionals - personal experience is always better. Before you decide, it’s worth talking to the newborn photographer in person or at least on the phone. Try to understand how comfortable you feel with this person.

Newborn photo shoots in Tallinn
Newborn photo shoots in Tallinn

Newborn photo shoot: how to book a date for your newborn photo shoot?

The best time for a newborn photo shoots is when your baby is newborn - that is, until he or she is 28 days from birth. However, more often than not, newborn photographers prefer to work with babies under two weeks of age, as this is when babies sleep soundly and sweetly. This is why newborn photo shoots should definitely be booked in advance - ideally a couple of months before the photo shoot, because if the newborn photographer is popular, his schedule is usually packed quite tightly. However, a couple of months before the photo shoot, it’s completely impossible to predict exactly what day your baby will be born, so booking your newborn photo shoot date is based on the expected due date. Therefore, as soon as your baby arrives, you should let the photographer know about it as soon as possible so that the photographer can find a day for a newborn photo shoot that suits both of you. Recommendations on preparations should be obtained from the newborn photographer in advance, but in general, the photographer will take care of most of the things. All you have to do is relax and fully enjoy the process.