A gift certificate for a newborn photo shoot - create priceless memories

What to present for a new baby?

photo by Viktoria Iljin

Finding a good gift for the birth of a baby that will be appreciated by its parents is not as easy as it seems. Yes, the range of shops of baby products today is unusually wide, but to find exactly what young parents will love and use is still a challenge.

In addition, from any clothes, toys and other similar things the baby will very quickly grow up, because the little ones always do it with just a cosmic speed, and the ideal gift for such an event should be a real family value, which will remain in the family for many years. An excellent solution in this case will be a gift certificate for a newborn photo shoot, which is sure to be appreciated by the whole family.

Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn
Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn

A gift certificate for a photo shoot for a newborn or an older baby is the perfect gift for a baby’s birth

A gift certificate becomes a truly useful gift, as parents can choose when to use the certificate and under what conditions it is best to do so. Some families want the first ever photo shoot of the baby was certainly at home, others will be more comfortable to use a specialized photo studio. Such freedom of choice is quite possible, as well as various options for presenting finished photographs, making the baby’s first photo book and other options, which are limited only by the nominal value of the gift certificate. It is the maximum flexibility of using a gift certificate that makes it the best gift for a family with a little one - as the certificate can be valid up to one year.

Smiling newborn baby with parents
Smiling newborn baby with parents

Gift for the birth of a baby: surprise or no surprise?

Particular attention should be paid to whether there is a need to make a gift for the birth of a baby as a surprise, or still worth to discuss in advance with the parents your desire to present a certificate for a photo shoot. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to inform parents-to-be about your wish, and there are several reasons for that.

First, you should make sure that the family you plan to gift does not mind having a photo shoot for their newborn baby. This type of photography is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately, even today many parents deprive themselves of the very first pictures of their baby, following traditions and superstitions. In this case, a gift certificate will only bring disappointment.

The second reason is the organisation of the process: if you want to make a surprise, the givers, unaware of your intention, may themselves book a newborn photo shoot with another newborn photographer. And the date with the chosen photographer is better to discuss in advance, so there is less risk that when the baby is born, there will be no empty spots in the schedule. That’s why it’s best to discuss such a birth gift in advance.