Features of a baby photo shoot - become friends with the little model

The basics of baby photography

Baby Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Baby photo shoot: A Wonderful World of Emotions and Fun

Baby photo shoot is a kind of magic. This is an art direction that requires unsurpassed dexterity and patience, because the baby, the main character, can be a real prankster. He won’t always sit still or strike intended poses, but it’s this unpredictability that makes baby photography so amazing. The flash of emotion that you capture will be unique and cannot be compared with any other genre.

Baby photo shoot in Tallinn
Baby photo shoot in Tallinn

Baby photography basics

How is the baby photo session going? This is a question without a specific answer, because each session is unique and reflects the individuality of the baby. For example, some kids love to have fun and be entertained, whether in the studio, outdoors, or at home, while actively exploring new spaces. The task of the baby photographer here is only to catch unique shots.

At the same time, others may be more modest and prefer to retire to a corner. It is important to give such a child time to adapt and not rush him.

The main rule of baby photography is no rigid posing. Children behave naturally and spontaneously, and the baby photographer only captures interesting moments through the lens.

Outdoor photo shoots are often especially successful. Just head to the nearest playground - many of them have quite a beautiful and photogenic design. In such conditions, you will only have to keep up with an actively moving baby, who feels like a fish in water in a familiar environment.

Baby photo shoot in the studio
Baby photo shoot in the studio

Becoming friends with a little one

Considering that baby photography requires natural behavior, getting along with a small model is extremely important. A children’s photographer should be patient and not rushed, create a friendly atmosphere, communicate with the baby, offer games and engage in interesting activities with him. The most successful shots are obtained when the baby is completely immersed in his own activities and forgets about the presence of the photographer.

If the photo shoot takes place in the studio, taking your child’s favourite toy with you may be a good idea. This will help him quickly adapt to an unfamiliar environment.

Baby photo shoot
Baby photo shoot

Appreciate the moment

Taking baby pictures can be a time consuming process, but the gorgeous, vibrant and emotional images you end up with are well worth the effort. Don’t wait for your little one to grow up - capture those moments of youth now.