How does a newborn photographer work?

Newborn photographer work description

Newborn Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Newborn photography is one of the most challenging and demanding areas of photography. In this case, taking pictures is half the battle, it is much more important to establish contact with the model. Today I will talk a little about how a newborn photographer works.

Newborn photo shoot: Shooting process

I take pictures in my photo studio for newborns and babies up to one year old. You always need enough time to shoot. For a newborn, it is a few hours. I am not going to meet you and your child right away with a camera. The baby needs time to feel comfortable in a new place and fall asleep. Then we start the photo session. In the case of a baby over three months old, it is no longer possible to take pictures for several hours. The little model gets tired quickly, so we shoot for half an hour, an hour at the most. But making contact is even more important at this age, so we usually start with a small talk and play and take pictures a little later.

Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn
Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn

Newborn photography: The importance of pauses

When working with small children, I am always ready for the unexpected and flexibly adapt to their needs. That’s why you can’t do without pauses. Pauses are necessary for feeding newborns and changing diapers. The older child must also either drink or exchange for a new toy. Therefore, the main rule of baby photography is: don’t plan anything in advance. Although it is worth selecting the set-ups and props in advance and then either fully or partially using them.

Baby photo shoot in the studio
Baby photo shoot in the studio

Completion of the photo session

The end of the photo session is also determined by the baby. Tired and cranky? So it’s time to stop. Sometimes we manage to get dozens of great pictures, sometimes less, but we always manage to collect enough material.

Baby photography, especially newborn photography, requires flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to any situation. Each session is unique, but all of them are full of joy and bright emotions from our little models.