How much does it cost to have newborn photographed?

Newborn photography price

photo by Viktoria Iljin

With what do many parents-to-be start when choosing a newborn photographer for their baby? Generally with the price.

What exactly is included in the price of a newborn photographer?

There are only three elements that affect the final price of a newborn photography session:

  • The photo shooting location (at home or in a studio)
  • Your priorities (quality and number of images)
  • Competence of the newborn photographer
Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn
Newborn photo shoot in Tallinn

Home or studio newborn photography session. Where will it be cheaper?

These days, there are a lot of newborn photographers with their own studios. A studio newborn photo shoot won’t cost significantly more than a home photo session. Everything will be set up for the photo shoot when you simply need to show up at the studio at the appointed hour.

Newborn photo shoot in the studio
Newborn photo shoot in the studio

What is included in the cost of a newborn photo shoot

Newborn photo shoots are typically priced as packages. This is practical because you can see at a glance what you will get at the end of the photo shoot.

Pay attention to the following details:

  • how many photos you receive for retouching and color correction
  • how the photos will be transferred (flash drive, file sharing, etc.)
  • whether and how many of the photos you like will be printed
  • whether the package includes photo books and whether you require these services

It’s important to understand what you expect at this point in the decision-making process. After all, if you purchase a package without a photo book but want it made during the shoot, the additional cost may make the photo shoot unaffordable.

Newborn photo shoot
Newborn photo shoot

Who offers a discounted newborn photo shoot?

A newborn photo shoot is by no means the least expensive kind of photo session. To ensure the baby is fully safe throughout the photo shoot, the newborn photographer must acquire a lot of knowledge. The expense is also raised by the usage of numerous different props in the photo shoot.

Either a beginner newborn photographer can offer his services at a low cost (which isn’t bad if you understand the risks involved) or all-around photographer. The last one shoots weddings today, adult portraits tomorrow, and the baby the day after tomorrow. You should not ask the all-around photographer for photos with the baby in difficult poses, props, or anything else because newborns are not his specialty. However, whether you should save money on the first baby photo shoot is entirely up to you.