Baby photo shoot with edible colors

Features of shooting with edible colors

Does your kid create delicious beet puree streaks on the walls and is passionate about drawing? Then the photo shoot Young Abstract Artist with canvas and edible colors is what you need to unleash the potential of your genius!

  • Bright, juicy shots
  • Fast photo shoot (will end before the onset of the creative crisis)
  • Canvas with a masterpiece - as a gift

Although this type of photo shoot is an absolute novelty in Tallinn, I have already managed to shoot enough to reveal interesting patterns.

baby photo shoot with colors

As with the “Cake Smash!” photo shoot, not all kids immediately take to the “dirty” business. And that’s okay.

baby photo shoot

All people need time to adapt to a new space, and small ones especially.

! photo shoot with colors in Tallinn](./photosession-with-ediable-colors-3.jpg)

I always take this time with a margin, and also take into account additional breaks for drinking-eating-peeing. So, if anything goes wrong, do not worry, we will definitely have time for everything, even if the baby does not immediately grab the paint.

! photo shoot with colors](./photosession-with-ediable-colors-4.jpg)

Surprisingly but not all kids love getting dirty.

Just yesterday I had a little princess on the session, who didn’t want to get her sweet fingers dirty.

! photo shoot with colors in Tallinn](./photosession-with-ediable-colors-5.jpg)

But we found a way out. We painted with all available means: a spoon, a toy hammer, a bagel with poppy seeds and even a piece of cardboard were used. And the result is great!

baby session with edible colors in Tallinn

So do not worry if something does not go according to the intended scenario: impromptu, as a rule, is even more interesting!

! photo shoot with colors in Tallinn](./photosession-with-ediable-colors-7.jpg)

Tell us if your children like to be smeared with something? What did they wash from for the longest time? Markers, huh?