My achievments - workshops, forums and master classes

Sasha Bunaeva

2021-04-04 I have completed the online course of Sasha Bunaeva, who is the founder of Pregnancy photoshoot in the Vogue style

Sasha is a well-known pregnancy and maternity photographer since 2010. Sasha Bunaeva is working in Samara and Moscow, she is a speaker at Photo forums and a mentor in master classes.

Newborn Retreat

2021-01-31 I’ve sucessfully finished the Newborn Retreat online course

The Newborn Retreat is a professional photographers event, where they share their pregnancy and newborn photography knowledge.

Newborn Forum

2020-02-02 I have participated in the Newborn Forum (Moscow, Russia)

The Newborn Forum is a super-professional event, where the pregnancy and newborn photographers share their wisdom.

Tatiana Guliaeva

2020-02-02 being at the Newborn Forum I’ve attended the workshop of Tatiana Guliaeva

Tatiana is a professional newborn photographer with great experience teaching in Russia.

Natalya Ignatova

2020-02-02 being at the Newborn Forum I have attended a workshop by Natalya Ignatova, who is the founder of newborn photography movement in Russia

2018-11-11 I have started a course at Natalya Ignatova’s online school, where I am currently still studying.

Natalia is a well-known newborn photographer and mentor, teaching globally.

Anna Potemkina

2019-09-09 I’ve organized and took a deep learning of photographing newborns and children under one year old by Anna Potemkina

Anna is a newborn photographer from Rostov-on-Don, well-known for her work. She has photographed over 900 babies. She is also an international lecturer and speaker at the largest Newborn Photography Forums.

Olesya Kovalchuk

2018-12-12 I’ve participated in Photoshooting Newborns master class by Olesya Kovalchuk

2017-03-03 I’ve participated in Olesya Kovalchuk master class, learning how to make cool newborns photos

Olesya has been photographing newborns since 2011. Since 2015 she has been teaching in Belarus and abroad.

Natali Gorbachenko

2018-09-09 I’ve participated in a workshop on photographing newborns by Natali Gorbachenko

2017-09-09 I have participated in Natali Gorbachenko’s workshop

Natali is a great pro in child and family photography, the founder of the master class “Shooting newborns from A to Z”, she is a judge at the international photography competitions in the NEWBORN nomination.

Karina Kiel

2017-12-12 I took part in a Children’s Photography master class by Karina Kiel

Karina is a famous photographer in the staged child and family niche. Over the last years, she has held hundreds of master classes in Russia and abroad, teaching thousands of students.