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Hello! I am Viktoria – a photographer specializing in newborns and maternity sessions in Tallinn, Estonia.

Since 2016, I have been professionally dedicated to newborn photography. Over this period, many mothers have trusted me with their newborns, and I have photographed over 500 babies.

A newborn photo session within the first two weeks is a unique experience. Elegant minimalism and simplicity allow us to focus solely on the baby, creating photos that deeply touch the soul.

I work in my studio at LasteFoto.ee, which is specially adapted for newborn photography. The studio is equipped with all the necessary tools to accommodate the specifics of photographing newborns. I have collected the best props and unique accessories from all over the world.

I would be glad to publish your session photos in my portfolio with your permission.

Education and Training


Email: lastefoto@gmail.com

Tel: 37255599546

Address: Peterburi tee 46 Tallinn 11415

Susi Office Building, 5th Floor, Room 513

Instagram: viktoriailjin

Facebook: LasteFoto

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