Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy photoshoot
Pregnancy Photoshoot
Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer in Tallinn – Viktoria Iljin

Why Choose Me for Your Pregnancy Photoshoot?

Hello! I am Viktoria, your pregnancy photoshoot specialist in Tallinn. I began my journey as a professional photographer in 2016, dedicating myself to one of the most special periods of your life – pregnancy. My mission is to offer you the opportunity to capture the magic of this wonderful time through professional pregnancy photoshoots.

Personalized Service for Your Unique Journey: Every pregnancy is unique, and my approach is the same – personal and caring. Your wishes and dreams are important to me, to create truly personalized and meaningful memories together.

Top-level Professionalism: My dedication to pregnancy photoshoots ensures that you are in the best hands. Your comfort, satisfaction, and safety are the pillars of my work, providing you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience at your pregnancy photoshoot session.

Comfort and Safety First: My studio is designed with your well-being in mind, offering you a safe and comfortable environment for your pregnancy photoshoot. I ensure that all precautions are implemented to protect your and your future child’s well-being.

Stylish and Timeless Photography Style: My pregnancy photoshoot style is clean, timeless, and elegant, emphasizing the natural beauty of your pregnancy and the excitement of expectation. Your photos will be stylish and beautiful, telling your story for years to come.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Packages

All packages include:

  • Professional consultation before the photoshoot and guidance during the session.
  • Photoshoot session in the studio, with studio rental included in the price.
  • Individual editing of each photo, including removal of stretch marks and skin imperfections.
  • A selection of dresses available in the studio, included in the session price.
  • Family members are advised to bring clothes in similar tones to ensure unity in family photos.
  • Recommendation to bring white and black colored underwear.
  • Private web gallery: a gallery of processed photos available for sharing with loved ones.
  • Additional photo editing €10 / photo.

Package S €160

  • 1-2 different setups.
  • 7 digital photos, available for your selection from a pre-processed gallery.
  • 1-hour photoshoot.

Package M €235

  • 2-3 different setups.
  • Silhouette pictures on black/white background.
  • 15 digital photos, available for your selection from a pre-processed gallery.
  • 2-hour photoshoot.

Package L €345

  • 2-3 different setups.
  • Silhouette pictures on a black/white background, optionally on a colored background.
  • 25 digital photos, available for your selection from a pre-processed gallery.
  • 2-hour photoshoot.

Choose the package that suits you best and book your pregnancy photoshoot session today to capture these priceless moments professionally and with love.


Pregnancy Photoshoots

Pregnancy Photoshoot FAQ

  • When is the best time for a pregnancy photoshoot?

    Every expectant mother is different, and the best timing depends on the physical characteristics of the pregnancy. Generally, the ideal time is between 28-36 weeks. If early belly growth or twins are expected, from the 26th week is possible. It is advisable not to delay the photoshoot too close to the due date as it may become more challenging to pose.

  • How long does a pregnancy photoshoot last?

    The duration depends on the desired outcomes. If you want multiple setups and wish to enjoy the process without rushing, two hours is recommended. For simpler plans, one hour suffices. Remember that it takes time to get used to the new environment and photographer, usually about 20-30 minutes.

  • How many setups are possible during a photoshoot?

    It depends on how you feel and your energy levels. Some expectant mothers may need frequent breaks, while others might be ready for a lengthy session. On average, 2-3 setups can be achieved in an hour.

  • What clothes to choose for a pregnancy photoshoot?

    You can wear business dresses, light fabrics with lace, flowing silhouette dresses, or comfortable jeans, shorts, and shirts. It’s important to feel free and comfortable in your clothing to ensure natural-looking photos.

  • How to pose for a pregnancy photoshoot?

    During the session, I will guide you on how to stand, sit, lie down, and place your hands for the best poses.

  • Can I bring my partner and children to the photoshoot?

    Yes, details and plans for the photoshoot are discussed beforehand.

  • What makeup and hairstyle should I do for the photoshoot?

    Professional makeup and hairstyles are important for achieving beautiful, harmonious photos. Typically, a bright makeup is applied; studio lighting tends to tone down makeup by 30-40%. If you don’t have your stylist, one from my team can assist you based on your preferences and the outfit you’ll wear.

  • What is the best manicure and pedicure for a pregnancy photoshoot?

    Your nails should look neat and well-groomed. A nude or French manicure and pedicure are recommended as they complement any picture well.

  • What accessories can be used?

    Any accessories are welcome! They can personalize and enhance the photos, adding individuality and emotion.

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