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baby photo shoot in Tallinn Photostudio
baby photoshoot
Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer in Tallinn – Viktoria Iljin

Why Choose Me for Your Baby Photoshoot?

Hello! I am Viktoria, your specialist in baby photography in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2016, I have directed my skills and passion towards capturing babies and their significant developmental milestones. I have photographed hundreds of babies, capturing their first smiles, crawling moments, sitting, toothless smiles, and first steps. Preserving these fleeting moments is a matter of heart for me, offering you and your child priceless memories for the future.

Personalized Approach to Your Child: Each child is a wonderful world of their own. My studio, LasteFoto, is designed to offer just that – a personal and caring approach. Your wishes and your child’s uniqueness are paramount for us. Our goal is to create memories that reflect your child’s uniqueness and highlight their personality.

Professionalism and Experience: Years of experience in toddler photography have given me the skills to create a safe and fun atmosphere for every photoshoot. My goal is that you and your child feel comfortable, enjoying every moment while I capture these valuable moments.

Quality and Comfort: Our studio is designed with the needs of toddlers in mind, equipped with everything necessary – from toys to clothing. By adhering to strict hygiene standards, we ensure your child’s safety and comfort throughout the photoshoot.

Stylish and Timeless: My approach to toddler photography focuses on your child’s natural beauty and character, using a timeless and minimalist style. These photos touch the heart and will be a valuable memory for your family for years to come.

baby photoshoot Tallinn
Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer in Tallinn – Viktoria Iljin

Children grow quickly and learn new skills every day. Contact me today so that we can capture these fleeting but important moments in your child’s life together. LasteFoto is here to create beautiful and lasting memories from the early years of your child.


All LasteFoto baby photoshoot packages include the following:

  • Use of various accessories: Hats, fabrics, and other accessories to make each session special. Accessories are washed after each use.
  • Professional guidance: Consultation before the session and guidance during the session.
  • Studio photography: Each session lasts 1 hour, ensuring a calm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Private web gallery: A gallery compiled from processed photos, which can be shared with loved ones.
  • Individual photo processing (unprocessed photos for an additional fee).
  • Additional photo processing €8 / photo.

Mini Package €210

  • 2-3 different setups for the toddler
  • A joint family picture (individual family member photos are not included in this package)
  • 15 digital photos, available for your selection from a pre-processed gallery

Full Package €290

  • 3-4 different setups for the toddler;
  • Photos with individual family members and a joint family picture
  • 25 digital and paper photos 10×15 cm, available for your selection from a pre-processed gallery
  • A USB flash drive with individually designed packaging containing all processed photos

Choose the package that suits you best and book your toddler’s photoshoot session today to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Baby Photoshoots

Baby Photoshoot FAQ

  • When is the best time for a baby photoshoot?

    The ideal time for a baby photoshoot is starting from the fourth month of life when the baby can already hold their head up, comfortably lie on their stomach, or sit without support. This allows for creating diverse and natural photos.

  • When to book a time for a baby photoshoot?

    It’s recommended to book your baby photoshoot session early to ensure the most suitable time. Early booking allows us to better plan the session and tailor it according to your wishes and the developmental stages of your child.

  • What should I bring to a baby photoshoot?

    Please bring snacks and toys familiar to your child that can help catch their attention if needed. These items help create a relaxed atmosphere and make the photoshoot more pleasant for your child.

  • Will my child definitely smile in the picture?

    While we always do our best to capture your child’s smile in the photos, it’s important to understand that even children who often smile at home may feel a bit more serious in the studio. Each child is unique and reacts to new environments in their own way.

  • What kind of clothing is preferred for a baby photoshoot?

    For the baby photoshoot, we offer cute clothes for toddlers in the studio, including dresses, bodysuits, shirts, pants, and sweaters. For family pictures, we recommend parents choose clothing in neutral (e.g., white, gray, black) or rich colors, avoiding long sleeves and prints/pictures on clothes to achieve a calm and cohesive look.

  • Who is responsible for older siblings during the photoshoot?

    During the photoshoot, parents are responsible for any older siblings present in the studio. It is important to ensure their well-being and safety so that the photoshoot goes smoothly and is enjoyable for all participants.

Book your baby photoshoot today to capture these precious moments with love and professionalism.

Baby Photoshoot in Tallinn Studio
Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer in Tallinn – Viktoria Iljin

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