Baby photo shoot - you can never have too many photos

Baby photo shoot in the maternity hospital and at home

Baby Photo shoot. Baby Photographer Viktoria Iljin

Baby shoots in the first few days of life are something most parents do. Some take more photos, some - less. However, there are times in a baby’s life that you don’t want to miss. Let’s see what kind of pictures you can take to brighten up your newborn’s first photo album.

Baby photo shoot in the maternity hospital: should you take your camera with you?

Yes, especially if you plan to deliver your baby with your husband or if you will be accompanied by a friend or a close relative (some hospitals offer this service as well). Then you can give your attendant a camera so that he or she can get a picture of the baby right after the birth. These first photos are very important. Some maternity hospitals now allow you to invite baby photographer to take pictures of the newborn right after the birth. In some maternity hospitals in Europe and the US this service is very popular and has actually become a tradition.

However, if all these options are not available to you, don’t worry. Most modern mobile phones are equipped with cameras, so you should get the first pictures of your baby within hours of giving birth. Even if the quality is rather poor, they will still be priceless photographic material for your family. And, of course, it’s worth inviting a photographer or having a friend take pictures of your new baby and family when you are discharged from hospital. It’s a very festive moment, well worth saving in your photographic memories.

Baby photo shoot in Tallinn
Baby photo shoot in Tallinn

Baby photo session at home

Baby photo session at home is a real deal. It’s definitely a good idea to take photos of your baby as often as possible. In the first few days, parents are totally bussy and many of the great ideas for a family photo story get lost. Just try putting your camera close to the baby’s bed. As you catch a quick glimpse of it, you’ll be more likely to remember to take a few pictures. Finally, if you are woefully short of time for an in-home photo shoot, you may want to consider inviting a baby photographer to your home or planning a studio photo shoot. This, of course, will also require some time and effort, but you will end up with lots of great photos of your newborn baby.