Pregnancy photo shoot. Questions and answers.

Pregnancy photo shoot in Vogue style

photo by Viktoria Iljin

When preparing for a pregnancy photo shoot, everyone has a large number of questions. And most of the time the questions are the same…

To make you feel confident and comfortable before shooting, I decided to answer the most popular of them:

When is the best time to have a pregnancy photo shoot?

For each expectant mother, the optimal time for a photo shoot is different and depends on the physiological characteristics. For someone, the tummy begins to grow from the first months, for someone a little later, and for someone just before the very birth. However there are some universal recommendations that are suitable for everyone. If the pregnancy is going smoothly and without complications, then the ideal time for a photo shoot would be 28-36 weeks. If the tummy started to grow early or twins are expected, a photo shoot can be carried out starting from the 26th week.

I don’t advise you to delay the pregnancy photo shoot, because the closer the date of birth is, the harder it will be for the expectant mother on the photo shoot.

How long does a pregnancy photo shoot take?

The duration of the photo shoot depends on the results you want to get. If you want to make several set-ups and at the same time take your time and enjoy the process, then it is better to book a photo shoot for two hours. If there are one or two set-ups in the plans, an hour is enough. When choosing the duration of photo shooting, keep in mind that it takes time to get used to the new environment and to the photographer. Usually around 20-30 minutes.

How many set-ups can be done in an hour photo shoot?

It all depends on how you feel and how active you are. Some future mothers get tired quickly and need frequent rest. And there are those who have energy in full swing and they are ready for a long photo shoot. So when choosing the number of set-ups, be guided by yourself. On average, for an hour of photo shooting, it turns out to change 2-3 set-ups.

What clothes to choose for a photo shoot?

It can be both business dresses and dresses made of thin fabrics, with lace, with a flying silhouette. Or maybe comfortable jeans, shorts, shirts, pajamas. It is important that you feel free and light in these clothes, then the photos will be natural. You can read more about the set-ups in the article What to wear for a pregnancy photo shoot

What is the best way to pose?

In the process of photo shooting I always suggest how best to stand up, sit down or lie down, what position is best to take, how to turn your head, where to put your hands.

Can my husband and children come with me to a pregnancy photo shoot?

Of course! We will discuss all the nuances of the photo shoot with you in advance. We will draw up a shooting plan, discuss the images.

What makeup and hairstyle should I do for a photo shoot?

Makeup and hairstyle are important conditions for getting a beautiful and harmonious picture! The issue of makeup and hairstyles must be entrusted to professionals. Usually bright makeup is done for a pregnancy studio photo shoot. Do not be afraid of this: studio light will “eat” 30-40% of makeup. If you do not have your own master, a specialist from my team will be happy to help you. The make-up artist starts from your wishes and takes into account the set-ups in which the photo shooting will take place. Makeup and light styling is done immediately before the photo shoot, within 1-2 hours.

What is the best manicure and pedicure for a pregnancy photo shoot?

Manicure and pedicure must be. ☺️ Hands in the photos should look neat and well-groomed! Manicures and pedicures should not attract attention. Nude colors or French manicure and pedicure work well. This option looks neat and fits perfectly into any image.

What accessories can be used?

Any! Accessories can be used in any photos! They are able to make the picture more individual and touching.